Monday, January 10, 2011

Give me Liberty!

Liberty is what we have and enjoy, but do we know what it really is? Only a man/woman who loses theirs may truly know what they had after losing it. I would like to discuss this liberty and other forms of it which we sometimes take for gran...ted here in the U.S. of A. as well as discuss a different type of liberty, one that can never be taken, but is offered freely to all, no matter where you are and under all circumstances.

In the U.S. as well as other countries, there is liberty; it was not always this way and in most cases it had to be fought for to achieve it. Thankfully, I am able to enjoy it's fruits, I am able to write my thoughts on the subject without any fear of repercussion. This was not always the case and a certain man by the name of Patrick Henry found himself the orator of perhaps one the greatest petitions to persuade his fellow countrymen to pursue liberty even to the point of death!

So what of this other liberty of which I have spoken. I believe you may already know the answer and if you do my intent is not to bore you by lengthy explanation, no, I would rather remind you of the promise of our inheritance, the one that can not be destroyed by moth and rust, that same inheritance which can not be stolen. One can't steal what would be freely given and that gift is the gift of liberty; with that liberty from God, He gives us liberation of the soul and furthermore He gives us freedom. The freedom we have in knowing we return unscathed by this world, unblemished in His sight; for we have become new again, new creatures through his Gateway to that freedom, His Son, Jesus the Christ. So what weapon formed against us could prosper? The LORD has already set into action the plans to prosper us, to give us what we don't deserve, that which is grace and also freedom. We are forever free from the confines of this world, upon accepting the offer of something more glorious, more illuminating than even the most precious of stones held facing the Sun. For what good would it be to give us a gift that could be taken from us by another, it would surely only become something of a snare, an object of envy. It is good to have liberty in one's place of dwelling, but it is better to possess liberty that dwells within and that kind of liberty only comes to those who can freely give of their hearts, minds and souls.

So I shout a new battlecry "In my death I am liberated to eternal life"

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