Sunday, January 23, 2011


Before GPS, even before Map quest there existed a way to plan your route from point "A" to point "B". There was and still is the map; it plotted roads, highways and towns and it would even show points of interest as well as topographical f...eatures, you may find one in your glove box of your vehicle.

Maps and cartography-which happens to be the name for the art and science of mapmaking- have been around since the days of the Babylonians. All of these ancient maps, made before aerial photography even existed were for the most part accurate, the cartographer would use visual aids and math to calculate and then estimate distances. Communication between individuals would add to the accuracy of the maps and aid in drawing the world as we know it today.

Hopefully I have shed some light on the mystery of mapping the continents and the world, but this world especially those areas with significant ice accumulations and volcanic activity is still evolving and maps will need corrections. Do you know what other parts of our daily routes require directions? We get plenty from our family and even more at work, yet the single most important direction we need in our lives is how to live them.

For this route we need a special roadmap, one custom tailored for our ever-changing lives; it starts by reading the instructions and the instructions are documented in a comprehensive work called the Bible. Now before I hear the "How can the Bible show me where I'm going or how to live" statement, let me ask "What your current plan is" and where does it put you? The map I propose you use delivers you safely every step of your life, certainly it will take you through deserts, but equally it will plot your course through fruited plain and more often than not extraordinary places where you will experience euphoria and it will be real and hopefully lasting.

The difference with this map is there are many turns and even a few unexpected twists - none that you will be incapable of steering through - and all these lead to the same and final destination for all who choose to follow; Jeremiah Chapter 29, Verse 11 in the Old Testament attest to this as does 1 Corinthians Chapter 10, Verse 13 in the New Testament, try reading the New International Version or the Message version of the Bible for complete understanding in plain language.

There is much more to this than can be written here so for the sake of your soul I will just conclude in saying "It is not to late to look at the map (The Bible) and even if you get lost, do not feel too embarrassed to stop and ask for directions, we all need to from time to time, find a church or a find a friend who has been driving for awhile to help steer you in the right direction again and surely you will begin to feel solid ground beneath you for the first time.

Have a safe and pleasant journey. God Bless.
Now I know there are plenty of mature Christians out there and one day I hope to find myself there as well. This message which has been layed upon my heart may help you, it will help me, but more importantly it is intended for those who may have not stopped and asked for directions before for whatever reason. Please, if you know of someone this may help, copy and paste/forward it to them. God Bless.

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