Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh LORD, please don't let us be misunderstood.

Misunderstood or not, we choose

Oh Lord
 Please, don’t let me be misunderstood

 Have you ever heard that song by the Animals? Well it points to how all will fall short of the glory of God; it is a characteristic that shows up with much frequency in the secular world.
 The singer (Eric Burdon) allows a glimpse of perhaps our own lives, when we, pardon my play on his name, burden ourselves with everyday struggles.
 In one line, Mr. Burdon tells us, ” Baby, sometimes I'm so carefree, With a joy that's hard to hide”, then enter worry, or regret, and he says, “And sometimes it seems that all I have do is worry. Then you're bound to see my other side.”
 Two sides, one man, or woman. Once beautiful we were, uncorrupted by sin, then enter the serpent into the garden, oh how tempting the fruit, surely you won’t die, from eating it. How foolish, we can be, we see an object of beauty, we desire it to be ours, then, we have it and find out it is not exactly what it seemed.
 The eyes of man have been deceived, we have been fooled, again and again, and then we become agitated. Now, instead of displaying joy, we display anger, projecting hate with our thought and lashing with our tongues. By a show of hands, who has not done this?
 That right, no one in this room, at least not that we can see from the outside, we must dig, deeper, then deeper still, for there must surely be a remnant of Adam and Eve, before the serpent, within us all. Our joy is in the Lord. Our Joy, is not a man, he was born of woman and of God. He and He alone, is without sin. In Him, resides light and not darkness. There is no misunderstanding for why He came, is there.
 Before he came into your life, did your life shine?  I mean where was your wellspring of hope, where was your lighthouse, to keep you from being dashed upon the rocks.
 Possibly it was in the clothing you wore, the car you drove, or the house you resided in. Make no mistake, all of those perish and even if they did not, our bodies do. If we misunderstand, what it means to be loved by the one true God, who sent his only Son to deliver us from the bondage of sin and the imprisonment of a perishing world, it would always be, that our joy would be taken from us as quickly as we found it.
 Oh Lord, please don’t let me misunderstand. Lord, please don’t let me be fed misinformation. Lord, please don’t let me be mistaken, we need you Lord.
 Oh Lord, please don’t let me be. I may not know what I am doing Lord, how can I, a man of the world, understand you, who are not of this world? I can’t Lord, though I may walk proudly and have the appearance of every gift you offer. It is just that, an appearance a beauty that will not last, even now, it is perishing.
 Are our intentions to be good? I want to read from the book of Genesis, this is after man eats from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the Lord saw this.

Genesis 6:5 (New International Version)
         The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.
The Lord saw man, I suppose He saw a part of us that He never intended for us to have, and He was pained in knowing we were not his original creatures any longer, albeit a remnant, a remnant through Noah and his family. They never misunderstood what their purpose was, to serve a God, a God of love, patience and understanding, not a God created by man, to serve man.  Then Noah was asked by the Lord, to build an ark, Noah did not misunderstand the Lord, and Noah did not build this ark from intentions that were good. Noah built this ark because Noah understood the intentions of the Lord. The intentions were to prosper him and others that would understand, those who would stand firm in their faith, those who would not allow their joy to be hidden, beaming with abundant life.
 Let me ask you this, what are your intentions?  Will you stand, firm in your faith, on a foundation built not by human hands, or will you reveal a nature that was inherited from evil, built on lies?
 We are all souls, with intentions as well. We may choose to be good, or we may choose to be evil. Light, or darkness? Truth, or lies?
 I will choose life, I will choose love and I will not be misunderstood Oh Lord, for I am yours.

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