Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Child like

Reality, what is it? Treading through Wikipedia and other sources it defines something or someone that actually exists or existed and events that are occurring or have occurred. How do we know what we have seen, heard, felt etc. is real? how many have to agree for something to become reality, 2 or 3 perhaps? How about thousands and hundreds of thousands, would reality then be considered fact?

Outer space reality or fact? Could we say outer space has no end, is space infinite and for that matter how deep can we explore matter, as in under a microscope? Will we ever be satisfied as a people with only one answer for say Pluto as a planet or a dwarf planet or...Is it true that one and one make two? How about one man and one woman making more humans, now one and one may become three, four, five...So truth and fact, are they the same? Is reality part of the same equation alongside truth and fact. Let's go back to outer space, does this space end, for if it does, what lies beyond?

Many men and women are wondering just this exact same question, what lies beyond??? My thought is that the universe is never ending and that there may be other dimensions, other routes that lead to different galaxies and ultimately I believe there is other life forms out there, all of this yet to be discovered en masse.

I can not go any further without mentioning my belief in God and in a Spirit of God and furthermore a Christ. I believe the third person, Christ, has already walked upon this earth. I believe he will return and I believe those who truly believe in him and those whose actions confirm them as having the qualities of the Christ within their own spirit; will be spirited away together to join with God, as sons and daughters. Now, this is my thought and some will agree and some will disagree. It does not matter to me which side you fall on, I respect your reality or truth and I even learn from others, as i said man/woman is constantly searching. I believe I have found one constant in all this reality, truth and fact and that is Christ died for me, so I might live forever, not as I am now, but as I was meant to be and there are others already. Elijah, Enoch, my father, all in Heaven? This is my truth and my hope.

If you do not believe in more, there is only less.

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