Monday, March 7, 2011

Drink me in Lord

How might I enter into His kingdom if not through the Root. As surely as the rain falls from the skies and lands upon the branches of the tree, only some of these drops will penetrate deep enough to reach the Root.

We all rise and fall; like water falling from the sky, then flowing across the ground to eventually reach the sea, only to be drawn up again by the rays of the sun and then released from Heaven's storehouses.

If we cling only to the surface of the branches we could be lost to the sea or we could seek to enter through the narrower passage of the Root. For if we enter by the Root we will be used to feed the branches by the addition of nutrient,-in this way our own composition is changed, we are not the same as plain water-and we are absorbed into the same, releasing what is no longer needed.

We may only have so many chances to enter through the soil; for in years of drought the clouds themselves are dispersed by the arid winds and when finally they-those trapped droplets- are released from their lofty places, they reach a surface as hard as stone that only fewer than before might enter.

How many chances do we have to become one of God's children? There really is only one, just as that seed dropped upon the ground some take, but even more are lost, even some forevermore. None of us will ever be the same as we were before when we have truly become infused with the Spirit and none will ever receive the Spirit if they don't enter through the Root first.

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